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Depending on the provider, phone signal can sometimes be patchy and unreliable. Sometimes there is signal, sometimes not. However, at Hula Hoop we provide free wifi internet in our public areas. 

Hula Hoop is built on a slope of a steep hill. We have chosen to leave the hill as it is and have not flattened the hotel location through terracing. Our stilted houses are all accessible by stairs. We welcome guests with small children however for toddlers or the less-able bodied the stairs and lay of the land might be a little challenging. We request guests to look at our website photos and judge for themselves whether Hula Hoop is a suitable option to stay. 


The people on Gili Gede are friendly and hospitable to tourists. If you wish to enjoy the friendship and respect of the local islanders it helps to show some understanding of their local culture by dressing modestly when walking through villages and around the island. 

On Gili Gede there are no ATM’s nor banks. However, at Hula Hoop there are creditcard facilities available for payments. 

Gili Gede is relatively remote location. We do not advise boat transfers to our location after dark. 

Water is a precious commodity on Gili Gede. Many people on Gili Gede do not have fresh water. Most water on Gili Gede is brackish. We have been lucky to have a freshwater well which we use. However, during the end of the dry season (sept/oct) our water can be slightly brackish.  We ask our guests to be careful with water consumption. 

We are a wind and solar powered facility. We ask our guests to be mindful of this and help us to save energy where possible. 

As in many places in Asia there can be a lot of plastic waste lying around, depending on the currents and the season.  This does not necessarily come from the villagers on Gili Gede. During rainy season plastic waste washes up on Gili Gede from Bali and the large rivers on mainland Lombok. We are obviously concerned about this and have started a small scale plastic project with the villagers. This project is facilitated by Hula Hoop Bungalows with the help of Khiri Reach.  Through this partnership a rubbish collection system has been set up in which all the rubbish from the village is collected, brought to the mainland, sorted out and then brought to the main rubbish dump on Lombok.