Where possible we have used local materials for construction and decoration. We build and use the materials around us. Our local staff have done much of our building. Rather then terracing the land, cutting trees and removing large boulders we have integrated them into the design of our buildings. Our stilted bungalows and treetop sitting platforms are built to offer magnificent sea and sunset views. The design of our houses capitalizes on the fabulous views and natural flow of air, which cools down the houses.  

Driftwood is gathered from the beach and the sea for construction and to make utensils, unused local wooden boats are used for timber, shells are sought on the beach for decoration and stones are used for terracing and building. 

Where possible we use rain and wastewater in our everyday operations. We are solar and wind powered and try to reduce plastic and other waste. 

We pride ourselves on a good relationship with the islanders, our bungalows have been built mostly by local tradesmen. Villagers have been employed to participate in the building and to gather and provide materials from the island, which means you can feel good knowing that your stay contributes to improving the lives of local villagers.

Driftwood restaurant







Marvel at the tropical fish and coral formations on some of the Gili's beautiful snorkeling locations. 

You will marvel at the colours, shapes and behavior of the huge variety of fish and sea creatures that can be seen.


Enjoy a traditional Lombok massage given by locals that have been handed down the art of massage by their ancestors. 


Hop from one island to the next on this full day trip. Enjoy a variation of beautiful beaches, snorkeling around the Southern Gilis. 


Get dropped off and picked up on an uninhabited island or beach and explore one of the various Gili's at your own leisure. 



Explore the waters around the islands and see if you can catch yourself lunch or dinner. 


Glide through the waters around the islands and experience local sailing methods on our traditional wooden sailing boat. 


Paddle to your beach of choice or explore the waters around the island with one of our kayaks. 



Gili Gede is the largest Gili of Lombok, and provides for marvelous walking and hiking. One can hike around in the island in around 4 to 5 hours. The island has the perfect size for exploration on foot, large enough for a decent walk but too small to get lost. In addition, in one of the villages near Hula Hoop you will be able to see items for sale made out of recycled plastic. We assist villagers to see how the ladies in the village reuse and recycle plastic. Your support to purchase one of their items will support this initiative and provide income for the ladies. At Hula Hoop we can provide you with a map so that you can explore the islands beautiful interior and welcoming people. 



Hula Hoop bungalows is a seaside location which ascends up to height of 30 meters, offering sweeping views over the other neighboring islands and out to Bali. Within swimming distance there are colorful coral gardens with scores of tropical fish. Adjacent to the location is a small hamlet – Pegamatan, consisting of subsistence farmers and fishermen. The sea in front of the hotel grounds is rocky, but calm and placid, ideal for swimming, canoeing and mooring boats. There are large patches of seagrass in the sea in front of our property which occasionally attract grazing dugongs. After a short swim through the seagrass there are some large coral formations with plenty of colourful fish and turtles. There are no currents to speak of and swimming and snorkelling is safe.